Prince Harry Took Meghan Markle To Friend’s Wedding in Jamaica


    Prince Harry took girlfriend Meghan Markle as his plus one to a close friends wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica Thursday, prompting viewers to ask if they are close to announcing their own wedding date in the near future.

    The couple traveled to the Caribbean in order to witness the ceremony of the prince’s friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip and his now-wife, literary agent Lara Hughes-Young.

    Harry and Inskip are close childhood friends since they met in Eton College, with Inskip having mentioned previously how he used to be Harry’s “wingman” when they went out in their youthful days.

    Wedding Ceremony

    For the wedding, Markle had worn a floral dress along with sunglasses, and the royal, having been one of the groom’s 14 ushers, wore a navy blue suit.

    It is assumed that this is Markle’s first time accompanying Harry to a large event such as a wedding, marking the couple’s coming out in the public eye.

    She had previously met many of Harry’s closest pals whilst in London in their many theatre and restaurant dates in recent months.

    During the ceremony, a witness told PEOPLE magazine that the couple shared public displays of affection, including a public kiss.

    “Harry and Meghan seem very much in love,” the onlooker said, mentioning that Harry had spent a lot of time introducing his partner to his friends at “joyful” ceremony.

    Arrival and Festivities

    According to reports from local news outlets, Harry, along with his security detail, according to the Jamaica Observer, arrived in the airport in Montego Bay Wednesday afternoon. Markle flew separately from Toronto, her hometown. The news outlet has reported that the couple is believed to be staying in the Caribbean region for about a week.

    The entire wedding party is reported to be staying at a Montego Bay hotel, the Round Hill Hotel and Resort.

    After the couple’s romantic getaway in Norway, Markle is believes to have spent the majority of the past two months in London with the royal whilst staying in his Nottingham Cottage located in Kensington Palace. She returned back to Toronto in order to begin prepping for the filming of the television show Suits’ next season in the middle of February.

    “It just feels very natural for them both,” said a source to PEOPLE. “It feels easy — like they’ve known each other for a long time.”