Protests held by illegal immigrants at The White House


On Monday, illegal immigrants were seen protesting near the White House, and according to reports, there will not be any kind of intervention from immigration officers. The protestors, on the other hand, did not fear that their demonstrations would give rise to consequences that would prove detrimental to their immigration status. According to an official from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department, even though the protesters were arrested by the DC police, the ICE would only intervene if the charges were serious in nature.

The official has said that if the individuals met the enforcement priorities of the ICE only then would “the agency would get involved in the case.” According to a rule followed by the agency for many years, ICE only gets involved in immigration cases where the charges are criminal in nature and deport the serious criminals back to their home countries. At the same time, cases involving illegal crossingsat the country’s borders by immigrants is also one of their top priorities.

Accordingly, the agency deports felons, gang members, repeat offenders and individuals with criminal records back to their home countries. On the whole, the agency does not touch undocumented residents.  It is for this reason that illegal immigrants have been protesting near the White House without fear of intervention and deportation from the ICE. As part of their protests, the demonstrators have called on immigration groups to stay away from any government meetings that do not include them and have demanded an official pardon for illegal families who have brought their children to the country.