Recent study reveals coconut oil as unhealthy oil


A recent report by the American Heart Association warns against the dangers of coconut oil. The study analyzed the data on saturated fat; this revealed effect of coconut oil (increased cholesterol) in seven out of every seven managed trials.

Researchers reported that coconut oil contains 82% saturated fat, way above beef fat (50%), butter (63%) and pork lad (39%). They said there is no significant difference between other oils rich in saturated fat and coconut oil.

According to the American Heart Association’s statement in the Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advice, they don’t advocate the use of coconut oil, as it has no outstanding benefits but increases LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is an obvious cause of cardiovascular disease.

Why people think coconut oil is healthy

The lead author of the study report, Frank Sacks stated that he doesn’t know why people believe that coconut oil is healthy; perhaps the previous weight loss research is the cause. However, coconut oil is virtually fat.

Research by the associate professor of nutritional medicine at Cornell University, Marie-Pierre ST-Onge may be the cause why people think coconut oil is good for weight loss. The research revealed that coconut oil contains a larger amount of medium-chain triglycerides more than other fats. Consequently, the research advocates consuming medium-chain triglycerides may raise the metabolism rate more than the case with long-chain triglycerides.

Here’s it; Marie’s research made use of designer oil, rich with MCTs, whereas the conventional coconut oil has about 13 to 15% of the MCTs. Following another research by Marie, a smaller quantity of MCTs may not be helpful in weight loss of overweight teens.

AHA proffers possible way out

According to AHA, consuming about 6% of saturated fat daily is useful for people who require low cholesterol level. Consequently, it’s nice you know that your coconut oil has a high amount of saturated fat. However, steering away from saturated fat doesn’t eliminate your risk of heart disease, as proposed by 2015 BMJ review. This is because some people still make up the absence of saturated fat with sugar, empty calories, and white flour.

While some people have a negative impression about butter, some fat is necessary for the absorption other food nutrients. While it’s nice to opt for olive oils and vegetable oils, Stacks said coconut oil is a hair conditioner and good moisturizer. As such, you can apply it on your body but not in your body, Stacks stated.