Reports suggest that SEALs’ fraudulent cash scheme discovered by Green Beret before his demise


Some financial wage had been offered to Green Beret by the Navy SEALs that were investigated in the case of the strangulation of Army Sgt. Logan Melgar, but he had turned the money down, reports suggest.

Sources who are in the Daily Beast had indicated that information about the scheme was discovered by Melgar, of which included cash skimming from money that was used to settle off informants and further confronted the men concerning it.

They attempted getting to follow them but he refused and later was discovered dead, the sources reported.

It is not certain the time exactly what the SEALs were approached by Melgar or if he died as result of the dispute that transpired between them. The investigators appraised with the case all were of the knowledge that the staff sergeant had passed on due to death by asphyxiation on the 4th of June.

Time exposes flaws in the testimony of the SEALs’

Officials of the US had reported that Melgar had around 5 a.m. stopped breathing and was taken in haste to a clinic owned by the French situated in Mali, (the place he was stationed) by the SEALs’ and one Green Beret. Before arriving at the facility, he was already dead.

Reports reaching the Daily Beast from Sources said that claims were made by the SEALs’ who were in a mission for counterterrorism concerning the death of the Green Beret. They had allegedly attempted opening the airway tract of the deceased, howbeit it is not quite clear if their attempt was a success or not.

The reports from the SEALs stated that Melgar at the time was drunk as he took part in performing combats before he passed on, the word ‘combatives’ which was used by the SEALs’ to refer to what Melgar was doing describes that he was involved in fighting exercises hand-to-hand.

Despite their claims, no alcohol or drug was indicated in the autopsy reports of the dead.