Restaurant Owner Fed Hundreds Of London Emergency Workers For Free During Terror Attack


Hundreds of London’s emergency service employees were fed free of charge during the Westminster attacks after a generous restaurateur refused to accept payment.

Ibrahim Dogus, the owner of the restaurant, left his restaurant open to help out in his own way rather than shut it down as chaos ensued on Wednesday.

Incident and Aftermath

Khalid Masood plowed into several pedestrians Wednesday nearby Parliament and Westminster Bridge prior to fatally stabbing one police officer to death at Parliament’s gates during the bloody ordeal that saw 4 people die.

Despite calls to evacuate the building during the attack’s aftermath Dogus stated that he would rather keep the restaurant open and assist the emergency services in the area.

Police, fire fighters, and paramedics officers were given a great deal of free food as well as drinks in Troia, the eatery that is located a few feet away from where the incident occurred, as his generous offering to the city’s employees.

Owner Statement and Intentions

The owner and father said to the Standard: “As I prepared to close the restaurant, which was really busy at the time, I asked one of the officers if they had somewhere to use as a place to warm up and use facilities.”

“When he told me they didn’t, I said they could use here and I ended up keeping the place open late serving all the emergency staff I could.

“It’s the very least I could do and I think it’s what any Londoner would do if they were in the same situation as me. These people fight to keep us save and alive.”

“I couldn’t take money from them. Some of them offered, but they are amazing people and there is no way I was going to charge them,” he stated to the news outlet.