Spanish police smashed the horse-operation, which is not suitable for humans


The Spanish police, in cooperation with Europol, split the horse of organized crime groups into Europe, people sell, but it is not fit for consumption.

Civil Guard in Spain arrested 65 people and convicted of crimes involving animal abuse, forgery of documents, perversion of justice, crimes against public health, money laundering and part of the criminal organization, Europol said on Sunday.

The operation was coordinated with the police in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In the 2016 Environment Protection Service, the Civilian Guard discovered fraud, horses were sacrificed in bad shape, or simply “not for consumption,” as two slaughterhouses, Europol said in a statement.
The meat of animals that were from Portugal and many areas of northern Spain was processed and delivered in Belgium, a major exporter of horse meat.

A group of crime microchips and altered documents

An unidentified male Dutch businessman arrested in Belgium suspects the control of illegal trade from south-western Spain. Is “his greatest trust in every country that has been affected by fraud,” says Europol.
She was looking for a scandal in the Republic of Ireland in March 2013 as a horse meat found in beef burgers. Shops and businesses throughout Europe reminded of meat dishes prepared after DNA tests discovered horses.

Researchers are looking for sources of pollution and are being carried by Dutch people. Then, researchers discovered that the organization has participated in more countries than in Spain.

Police Spain, ignited Alicante and Leon in northern Spain as part of the Gazel operation. They seized or blocked bank accounts, five luxury cars and assets.
People from France and Italy are the largest consumers of equines – horses’ taxonomic family and related animals – according to a report published in The Guardian 2013.