Stephen Colbert unusually praises Trump after the shooting


The Late Show host, Stephen Colbert speaks about President Trump. Oddly, Colbert kicked off his show on a serious way and talked about the Alexandria attack in Virginia. He laid emphasis on the shooting that injured the Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. In his statement, violence can never be justified, and it is the last shelter of the incompetent.

Thankfully, he said that no police, staff or their members died in the violence. He emphasized that playing clips from Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi was never the right thing in the intense, painful emotion that characterizes that bloody day. However, he accorded some rare accolades to President Trump.

Colbert praises President Trump

In his preamble, he expressed his gratitude to the congressional leadership, as well the president for their response and manner of handling the violence; he made it clear that such response gives the Americans hope that they are still the United States of America, despite their differences.

Daily show host praises the unity

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah who was the first guest at Colbert’s show aired his view on the incident, reiterating some of his statements during his show earlier in the night. He said it was great for people from both parties to unite and prioritize human and America before placing another thing. In his statement, such scenarios are very rare and are not common with the American politics. In fact, having two political rivals showing that they can be friends is a rare thing, and Noah commends that. He said that if only the members of the Congress let the masses know that they can fight but not forget the fact that they are all Americans, things would be better.