Suicide bomber kills dozens in Yemen


An army base in southern Yemen was the target of a suicide bomber a few hours ago. The attack, which was intended to hit Yemen’s military, killed at least 35 soldiers while they gathered to receive their paycheck at Aden’s city’s barracks. The city is controlled by pro-government sources, which make it vulnerable to IS.
Dozens of soldiers are currently being treated for mild to severe injuries, and other casualties are expected during the day. Official sources cite numbers that climb up to 40 dead and 70 in critical conditions.
To this moment, no terrorist group has claimed the attack, but the city has been a constant target of jihadist groups in the region.


The Yemeni conflict has been going on since 2015, between forces allied to President Abdrabbuh Mansour –now exiled– and the rebel movement known as Houthi. It is thought that Jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda and IS have taken advantage of the conflict and have managed to take control of several areas in south Yemen. The conflict has escalated into an important humanitarian crisis, leaving thousands of people without homes and in the need to flee their cities in order to protect their lives. Official sources also cite that more than half of the country’s population does not have a secure source of food.
Aden, the city in which the attack took place, has been taken under pro-government forces –who are backed by a Saudi-led coalition– in 2015. Since then, it has been a target of bombings, and the conflict has already affected almost 7,270 people (mostly civilians) according to the United Nations.
There has not yet been a significant enough response from the international community to this crisis, and thousands of civilians are fearing for their lives as the violence escalates and incidents such as the one that occurred today become more and more frequent.