Sunday Shooting Spree Led to 4 Cops Being Shot in Different States


On Sunday, officials believed that the individual that murdered a San Antonio police officer “execution-style” had been staking out the police headquarters, hours prior to the shooting. They said the suspect was able to obtain access to an entrance of the headquarters, before fleeing the scene.

The suspect of the murder was unable to be captured, following an extensive dragnet by the police. The victim was 50-year old Benjamin Marconi, who was a 20-year veteran with the police force. Marconi would end up being only one of four incidents that involved police officers being shot on Sunday. The shooting spree doesn’t seem to be connected to one another. Three of the four incidents were believed to be target attacks, where each officer was unsuspectingly sitting in their patrol vehicle. They were either pulling a vehicle over for a traffic stop or simply waiting in traffic.

William McManus, chief of San Antonio police said, “I think the uniform was the target and the first person who happened along was the person he targeted.”

The police are searching for a black 2009 – 2012 Mitsubishi Galant for the San Antonio shooting, which had black rims and police believe that the suspected gunman was the driver of the vehicle. The surveillance video footage was released by San Antonio authorities on early Monday morning, which showed the suspect outside the police headquarters. On video, the suspect is using the intercom to speak to a clerk, before he is let into the building. He briefly stayed inside and left. McManus didn’t share what was said, but he did say that the suspect asked a question. “I don’t know why he was in the headquarters. We have some ideas why we believe he may have been in the headquarters, but we’re not sure”, said McManus.