‘Teeth’ Found Inside Tacos at Texas Restaurant Causes Stir On Social Media


A woman has been shocked after finding something she believes to were  “teeth” in some barbacoa tacos she ordered at a Mexican restaurant last weekend, and after sharing photos of the strange meat on Facebook, her story instantly went viral.

Photos and Reaction

Courtney Aguilar’s photos uploaded to Facebook were shared by over 2,000 people online , reported KYTX located in Tyler, Texas.

“When you order Barbacoa tacos but get teeth instead,” she said in her post Sunday, sharing one picture of her mystery meat received at a Mexican restaurant called El Rincon in Pflugerville. “I asked the server if this was teeth. She said, ‘baby teeth.’”

This news was a shock to people who saw the picture and/or have visited the restaurant in the past, which is a local business of the region for over 26 years.

“That looks like an alien’s mouth,” said one Facebook in a comment on the photo.

“Never eating from there,” wrote another.

Restaurant Response

One day later, the restaurant, El Rincon, responded on Aguilar’s post, stating they are aware of the item found in her barbacoa.

“Barbacoa is one the few items that we buy pre-made from an approved FDA vendor and we are no longer going to buy from that vendor,” said the restaurant in a recent statement “Barbacoa is cooked with different parts of the cow but mostly from the head or cheek of cattle.”

The restaurant stated that they will stop selling the type of meat until they found a different vendor, apologizing to Aguilar.

Aguilar also stated that she spoke to the owner, Roger Baza, on Monday, who then reassured her that the item in the meat wasn’t teeth in the end. The San Antonio vendor, Laxson, who provided that meat, visited El Rincon this week and discussed the problem “with documentation,” added Aguilar.

Last Thursday, the restaurant posted their own update saying that the vendor discovered that the object wasn’t teeth, but rather beef lips, “a USDA-inspected product for human consumption.”

“We admit cow lips are not the most attractive food item and can resemble teeth,” said Laxson. “Unfortunately, it made its way into this customer’s dish.”