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Mayor Bill de Blasio presented on Thursday a job creation plan aimed at generating 100,000 new jobs in the next ten years.
The “New York Works” plan in the Cyber industry drives the largest growth in jobs, but $ 1,000,000 will be spent to boost jobs in technology, health and manufacturing, at a news conference in central Manhattan.

“The city of New York can be a world capital of cyber,” said the Office Security Scorecard security clearance of the Internet security company of two employees in more than 100 has increased over the past three years.

Blasio said all the jobs under the plan created a minimum $ 50,000 annual salary

The Mayor’s plan requires funds in the amount of $ 30 million of the 30,000 new jobs in the area of Internet Security Creation. The money will develop training programs, research and development of employees in order to increase the business connection of their cyber-business, finance in accordance with the plan.
The 10-year plan is based on a combination of incentives based, including tax and business space reduction in city facilities, a new company to win the city or expand existing business assets.
“This is a plan to create quality jobs that need more and more people in this city, and this includes a lot of people who have a college degree who has a two-year diploma, who have a four-year degree who have problems searching for a job could actually Live, “said De Blasio.
The mayor of the Republic, Nicole Malliotakis, said the proposal, saying in a campaign statement, “the mayor must realize that she can provide the private sector, not the government, well-paid jobs, and a greater incentive for our city to make jobs”. That is, the government is out of the way.