The dollar strengthens the data; Pound Sterling in Brexit talks about problems


The dollar went up on Thursday after a report that showed the rise in US manufacturing prices in September helped alleviate the weakness caused by the US bank’s release, raising more cautious prospects for inflation.

The dollar index, which monitors green money in six major currencies, grew by 0.14 percent to 93,148. The index was so high that it broke four days, the longest run for about three months.

Greenback found support on Thursday after the Ministry of Labour announced that its producer price index for final demand grew 0.4 percent in the last month, after rising 0.2 percent in August.

On the other hand, figures have shown that unemployment claims fell by more than a month last week, as the storm of storms in Texas and Florida continued to slow down Harvey and Irma hurricanes.

With regard to storms, “I would take some of the numbers coming this month with little salt because I know it’s opaque,” Trang said.

Merchants are now concentrating on consumer price information, which will end on Friday

Meanwhile, the pound fell to a three-day low level from the green area after the negotiating head of the European Union said the Brexit negotiations were over. This has increased the political risks for the currency, which fell last year by 12 percent from last year’s EU vote.

The two sides did not make any major discovery during the talks on the British blockade this week and determined how much the country would have to pay when it left, negotiator Michel Barnier said on Thursday.

Sterling dropped 0.41 percent to $ 1.3167. The euro fell by 0.15 percent compared to the $ 1.1839. The Euro climbed to $ 1,188 more than two weeks at a session after Catalonia halted before the formal declaration of its independence from Spain, which put it below the common currency.