United States Of America – First World Murder Capital Of The World – December 2016 Over 700 Murdered In Chicago


The last 48 hours had been a blood bath in Chicago. The Christmas weekend had been one of the bloodiest in the state’s history.  Chicago law officials have reported that 27 people were shot and seven succumbed to the injuries they sustained.

The besieged city with scarce employment opportunities and an infestation of prostitution, along with drugs and other ills had seen an increase in criminal activities over the past few years.

Daily gang wars erupted with the sound of gunshots as thugs fight for the control of neighborhood drug turfs and trivial disputes that usually starts over their female lovers.

The city of Chicago is reminiscence of the old Wild West where disputes were settled by gun toting bandits who had no regard for the law. Homicides have become the norm in the drug infested and violence plagued city.

At least 27 people were shot, seven fatally, in a 48-hour period in Chicago over Christmas weekend, according to the Chicago Police Department. It was the latest bloody chapter in a city besieged by gun violence.

A Hispanic male who is about 18 years old was one of the victims who lost their lives in the ongoing turf battle. According to the police department he was shot in the back and neck multiple times while driving in Gage Park in Chicago’s southwest region.

Jose Estrada with the Chicago Police Department has reported that crime had increased by 56 percent, with 2016 being one of the bloodiest years. The current death count for murders stands at 745 which were significantly lower in 2015 where the city recorded 476 murders around the same time in 2015.

A report from the Chicago Tribune stated that it was the first time in the past 20 years where the city of Chicago recorded over 700 murders.