The Japanese ruling party has suffered heavy losses in local elections in Tokyo


Prime Minister of the Government (CNN) Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Shinzo Abe of the Tokyo City Assembly to be sure of Sunday’s elections.

The result is a new team Tom’s first party Yuriko Koike Tokyo to seize the governor with several independent 79 seats, a general dissatisfaction with the national leadership of Abe, interpreted analysts.
The most important issues are often seen by national election campaigns, including Tsukiji Fishery, Tourism Exhibitions and Preparations for the Olympic Games 2020.


Assembly of 127 seats, of which the absolute majority of the high names of the deities Tom’s part and its six allies, Japanese stations take place.
Koike, the first woman governor of Japanese capital, said the result was grateful exceeding expectations far but also “the weight of responsibility felt,” NHK said.

“The result is much better than we expected,” said the legislator, the Defense Minister said in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before Tom’s first strike – which last month was “led by Tokyo first.”
“All of our candidates are fresh and this new assembly line is doing something entirely different,” Koike said in an interview with Fuji TV.

Yuriko Koike Tokyo Governor speaks to the Journalists on July 2, 2017, after the elections for the Parliament of Tokyo’s Urban City.
The coincidental winning team meant that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe LDP, who was the largest party in the capital city of the local government, saw 57 seats reduced to 23, NHK said.

Abe said voters were “a very serious mistake” in their client

“We must seriously understand why this is a serious warning to LDP and think deeply about it,” he said.
“From now on, the party should be united to establish the system and get results, restore public confidence,” he added.

Some LDP representatives now call for redeployment

Given the losses, the old ally of Abe Hakubun Shimomura announced from a chair in the Tokyo chapter of the party will retire.
“This is a very good result, but what has happened in national politics is playing against us. I feel very responsible, “Kyodo news agency.