Tomlin Fires Back At Bradshaw For Rude Criticism


Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin and Terry Bradshaw are locked in the battle of the decade. What should have been a constructive or rude criticism had turned into an all out battle royal. Comments that were made by Bradshaw had belittled the ex-quarterback and had furrowed the angst of Tomlin who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Bradshaw who had been around the National Football League for several decades had also played the game in the 70s and 80s. He was a standout for the Steelers franchise. But what started the feud between both men is yet to be ascertained, but online sources are citing that Bradshaw had stated that he was still trying to figure out Mike Tomlin’s job title.

Terry Bradshaw went on to say that he does not think the hall of fame footballer is a good mentor then with a bigger jab he stated that Tomlin’s name was never on the radar when he talks about incredible mentors that are in the National Football League.

Player David DeCastro told ESPN sports that the remarks will only serve as a catalyst for them to get fired up and prove Terry Bradshaw wrong. Tomlin later stated that he valued the support, evaluation and feedback that the team received especially from those who meant well for the franchise.

Tomlin expressed his disgust by furthermore pointing out that his resume speaks volume of whether he is a good mentor or not. Also citing that he is one of the few people from the NFL that can display a resume that will definitely prove that he was an extraordinary player and now super extraordinary mentor to the National Football League.