Trump Mourns Over ISIS Claimed Bombings In Egypt


Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America has expressed his condolences to the Egyptian president, by phone, over the victims of the two explosions that happened today in its capital Cairo.

This disastrous terrorist incident comes just days after the two leaders gathered in Washington, showing extensive warmness in the future of the bilateral relations.

The dreadful attack was conducted under the name of the Egyptian branch of ISIS and took the lives of over 40 people and 100 injured; where most of the casualties where Egyptian Copts.

American condolences

The American president announced in his daily press meeting his deepest condolences in behave of the American nation and issued: “So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. The U.S. strongly condemns. I have great….confidence that President Al Sisi will handle this situation properly”, extending the long-going flattery between the two heads of state predating the inauguration of Mr.Trump.

Controversial and fragile alliance

Though the facts on the ground, in Egypt, do not indicate that their head of nation is in full control of the socio-economic conditions as well as the constitutionality of his domestic proceedings and extrajudicial human rights abuse.

The soaring poverty, failing governance and abusive civil conditions are putting the establishment of Mr.El-Sisi on the brinks of political uproar and collapse.

A bailout loan of 12 billion dollars approved by the IMF with harsh conditions further destabilized the crumbling economy.

The strong support shown by the American head of nation to his Egyptian counterpart has significant dimensions, as the earlier is in need of a robust military power and regional powerhouse to bring balance of power in the Middle East; where Russia is spreading its influence effectively since the rise of the Arab Spring.