Trump opens up about a letter that Obama gave him


President Donald Trump’s choice to go for his first TV meet came as an astonishment to numerous as he had been assaulting the media in the wake of taking pledge of the workplace. Trump uncovered the last letter kept in touch with him by ex-President Barack Obama. Amid his first TV meet subsequent to going into the White House, Trump appeared on camera the last letter by Obama and called it a “beautiful letter”. Clarifying more about the substance of the letter, the US President stated, “Its long, it was complex, it was thoughtful. It took time to do it. And I appreciate him and I called him and thanked him.”

Whenever inquired as to whether there was anything in the letter that shocked him, “I think, nothing to surprise me but it was stated beautifully. But, I am representing a lot of people and I am carrying on a very important tradition and just do a great job. He wants me to do a great job.”

Trump likewise uncovered that Obama had let him know something intriguing. “He said something that was very interesting. He said, I thought your healthcare plan was going to be better than his plan.” Trump has started the procedure to cancel Obamacare, which he calls a debacle. Trump likewise loaded acclaim on Obama and his significant other Michelle. The new US President said his rival amid the battle, Hillary Clinton, had extraordinary resources on her side as then President Obama and First Lady Michelle.

Discussing his experience when Obama left the Oval office for the last time as US President, Trump stated, “The amazing thing to me, and you may see it differently, is I think I have sort of a great relationship and there was a vicious campaign and vicious things were said by him and by me about each other. This was rough. Hillary had great assets on her side, him and Michelle, who is a phenomenal person.”