Trump, Putin And Asaad: The Blame Game


Over the course of last week, the Kremlin has channeled vast diplomatic efforts on the international platform and through its “propaganda machines”, picturing to the world, the Shayrat missile strike to be an illegitimate and an irresponsible assault on the Syrian nation.

The Russian state escalated their outrage to an emergency security meeting, urging the international community to take stance against the American offense and sanction them accordingly.

Chemical strike perpetrator

The Oval Office has found backing from most global actors, mainly its NATO and gulf allies, framing the military intervention to be a humanitarian obligation as a pay-back for the chemical-attack that took place in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib.

The incident that turned the global media “upside down”, infuriated people across all nations and saw most states point fingers at the Syrian President for previously possessing a biochemical weapons arsenal and allegedly using them in 2013.

The Trump administration fired at the Russian government, for failing to discard the prohibited weapons in Syria as stated in a previously brokered UN resolution; as well as fostering a “mass murdering” dictator.

White House counter

Exchanged allegations from both nuclear powers have headed the international discourse and further undermined regional stability in the Middle East.

In the context of an unexpected rebuttal from U.S intelligence, the White House declared to be in hold of documents “proving” the complicity of Russia in the chemical raid on civilians, by the regime of Mr. Bashar El-Assad.

The declassified information intensify the negotiations with the Kremlin, in charge by the U.S Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tilerson, days before he touches down in Moscow.

The flattery momentum between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin is crumbling to an end, marking the beginning of true face politics between the two right-wing populist leaders.

The foreign policy of the new president of the United States of America is starting to show its teeth and the Russians bear is showing discontent and readiness.