Tunisian Man Possibly Connected To Berlin Attack


The recent attack that killed 12 people in Berlin is still very much fresh on everyone’s mind. Days ago the main perpetrator was shot and killed by police as he opened fire on them injuring one of the lawmen.

Although no one else was in the vehicle with the killer, his cell phone is now leading investigators to a 40-year-old Tunisian man. Sources close to the investigation stated that the Tunisian citizen might have been an undercover assistant to Anis Amri. The monster that stole a truck, killed the driver then savagely drove through a market packed with holiday shoppers.

The Tunisian was held in the city of Berlin, news offices reported, after a pursuit of a home and workplaces connected with the man, whose name was not discharged. Data about him was found in the cellphone of 24-years-old Amri.

Investors have uncovered valuable information that revealed that he could have been included in the brutal assault. Mr. Straight a spokesman for the law enforcement office stated that authorities are anticipating a breakthrough by Thursday.

The truck assault, on Dec. 19, was Germany’s deadliest assault in many decades. ISIS, the Islamic State has confirmed the attack as their doing by posting a recorded video of the dead suspect pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

It is yet to be decided if there were anyone else involved in the unconscionable act of terrorism. However, records have shown that Amri made numerous trips back and forth to Italy his home country between 2011 to 2015.

Italian and French authorities reported that the brutal killer had efficiently prepared for the attack as well as his escape. Documents obtained by investigators shows that he had traveled to the city of Lyon in France and transferred to trains in Chambery, which is on the border of Italy.

He then traveled to Turin then on to Milan, where he hitched a ride to San Giovan. Amri was killed by two police officers after he was asked to show his identification papers.