Turkey: Probe into ‘armed vehicle dragging body’ photo


Interior ministry announces investigation into photo shared on social media allegedly showing lifeless body dragged behind army vehicle in southeast

ANKARA – Turkish Interior Ministry has launched an investigation over a photo allegedly showing a security vehicle dragging a lifeless body in southeastern Sirnak province.

The photo, widely shared on Twitter, including by the co-chairman of Peoples’ Democratic Party Selahattin Demirtas on Sunday, depicts an armed military vehicle passing through a street at night appearing to drag behind a body in civilian clothes tied to a rope attached to the back of the vehicle.

Demirtas posted a message along with the photo, saying: “Look very carefully at this photo. It was captured in Sirnak the other day. Let no one forget it, because we will not.”

The ministry said in a statement Sunday that an investigation was launched and “all aspects of the allegations” would be handled.

“The Republic of Turkey is a state of law. Our fight against terrorism will persevere within the framework of the rule of law,” the statement added.