Tweet About Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets Breaks Twitter World Record Set By Ellen Degeneres


A tweet posted by a US teenager asking for fast food franchise Wendy’s to give him a lifetime supply of their chicken nuggets is now the world’s most retweeted post ever.

Carter Wilkerson’s request broke the record that Ellen DeGeneres set after he passed 3,430,249 tweets Tuesday.

A spokesperson on behalf of Wendy’s stated: “We didn’t expect Carter’s response, and we couldn’t anticipate the overwhelming support he has received.”

The food chain donated $100,000 to a charity on his behalf.

‘Consider it done’

On April 5, the Reno, Nevada native, 16, tweeted to Wendy’s asking thm how many retweets would he need to obtain a year’s worth of chicken nuggets. The chain responded almost instantly saying, “18 million.”

“Consider it done,” Wilkerson responded.

He then uploaded screenshots of his tweets alongside a caption reading, “HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS.”

The tweet went viral immediately, and reached over 1 million tweets in around 2 days.


Large companies such as Microsoft, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, even Twitter itself, including celebrities such as Aaron Paul, the star of Breaking bad, also retweeted it.

Other companies also responded to the teen with an offer of their own, such as United Airlines, who said they would fly him to any city he desired to visit a Wendy’s of his choosing.

“The [PR] industry has a word for this type of activity: ‘brand-jacking’,” said PR Week editor John Harrington to the BBC.

“While not hugely original, it can be successful. It shows the importance of reacting quickly to trending topics on social media.”

“Most brands would probably have ignored the tweet or given a bland response, but by reacting with humor, Wendy’s has created a vast amount of positive exposure and goodwill.”