Twitter On Fire Barack Obama Versus Donald Trump – Who Will Win?


Twitter was set ablaze last night; it was burning hotter than Hades! The show began when current President Barack Obama stated that if he was the nominee for the Democratic Party in the past concluded election on November 8, 2016, he would have come out the victor.

Mr. Obama stated that the Democrats became complacent and did not do enough to secure the presidential victory for the party. He also alluded to the fact that the Democrats were very assured of a victory for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Not so fast, Mr. Obama declared President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump. In a tweet he stated that he would have still won the election, and assumed the highest job in the United States of America.

It only takes 140 characters to get the show on road with both party throwing barbs at each other.  President-elect trump cited that the record of the Obama speaks for itself, citing that under President Obama’s watch many companies have packed the bags and moved their businesses to off-shore countries where labor is a lot more inexpensive.

The Affordable Care Act that was instrumented by Barack Obama also came under fire; Trump spared no words when he talked about the President Obama’s legacy. The President-elect also spoke about the Islamic State group that continues to be a threat to the sovereignty of many nations.

A few words of warning to President Obama steer clear of President-elect Donald Trump since everyone knows he does not back down from controversy. This was very evident on the campaign trail where the man with no political experience spared no words, even when it comes to members of his own Republican Party.

As Twitterverse waited in awe for the next scintillating bout, NO COMMENT – was all that came from the White House as the charismatic Barack Obama refused to join Donald Trump in the political boxing ring.