U.S.A and Russia Rivaling Over Support To Israel


It seems to be a never ending conflict that spills its ramifications on all corners of the globe, the Israeli Palestinian conflict has been at the heart of world politics for over half a century. 

International and regional powers used and abused the mediation process between the two enemies for all sorts of political benefits, never genuinely attempting to reach or impose a rational resolution. 

Since the dawn of the conflict, the status quo has been the out powering of the Jewish nation over all territories and the technical “annexation” of the so called “semi state of Palestine” under its sovereignty.  This concept comes with the city of Tel-Aviv as the capital of Israel and Ramallah the capital of Palestine or so called “West Bank”.

Outdated Status Quo

The dimensions of this status are thought to be immune to criticism or to alternation by any state regardless of its affluence, avoiding the rupture and uproar it potentially can cause with all concerned nations.  In a time of taboo breaking trends, the American and Russian heads of states have raised eyebrows with recent statements and decisions.  The prospects of additional empowerment to the Jewish State, quasi controlling most contended territories through “illegal settlements”, is more likely imminent.

The president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, based on his campaign promises of unconditional support to Israel; has indicated a probable intention of shifting the location of the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to West Jerusalem which could be a preliminary decision to recognizing it as the capital of the Jewish entity.  Analysts and experts warned from the instability and uproar this move can cause in the already war torn and unstable Middle East.

Rivaling pledge of allegiance

On the other side of the political spectrum, the Russian president Vladimir Putin, has issued through his foreign ministry a statement eventually leading to a decision; the recognition of the Republic Federation of Russia, in case east Jerusalem being the capital of a state of Palestine, deductively West Jerusalem to be the capital of the state of Israel. This would constitute the first time any country has made such a declaration or initiative; which is considered to be a destabilizing mandate, knowing that the city is at the core of the contention.

Israel is imposing its sovereignty gradually over most of the territories in disaccord with all Security Council resolutions ever issued from the international community and seems to be disregarding the decade old project of a two-state solution. With the two global powers currently showing unconditional support, the Jewish nation will seek its initial “Zionist” ambition and will neglect to discontent any other power in the world.