Unnamed Boy Charged With 1st Degree Murder Of 10 Year Old Kaiya Campbell


District Attorney says a 15-year-old Denver boy has been charged with 1st degree murder of 10-year-old Kaiya Campbell.

The Charge

According to Dave Young, the District Attorney of Adams County, a 15-year-old boy was charged with 1st degree murder of 10-year-old Kaiya Campbell “with intent to kill after deliberation, and first degree murder of a child under 12 by someone in a position of trust.”

The name of the boy has not yet been released. Young has said that he plans to prosecute the 15-year-old “as an adult.”

David Beller, the criminal defense attorney working on the case, said: “The heinousness of the crime is one thing that should be taken into account in deciding how to charge. But ultimately the Supreme Court said we can’t run after him with pitch forks. The Supreme Court has taken into consideration the fact that regardless of what he did, his brain is not fully developed.”

“Several years ago, we would almost always charge these juveniles as adults. But the Supreme Court has come back and said it’s not a matter of what he did, he’s still a child. And we still have to consider the fact, he is a child, in choosing how to punish him.” Beller said.

The Incident

Kaiya Campbell, was reportedly found dead 1 and a half miles away from her home in Thorton on June 8th. Her family had filed a missing report the night before.

She was reportedly last seen with her father’s girlfriend’s son, the unnamed 15-year-old boy, walking towards a shopping center. The father reportedly lives with his girlfriend and her two twin teenage boys.

The Human Services Department is currently conducting a “Child Fatality Review” for the victim. This usually happens when the department is sent an alert of “an egregious incident of abuse, neglect, near fatality or fatality involving a child.”

Social Services had apparently known Kiaya prior to her death, but they have not commented as to why.