Valve gets fined millions of dollars for the ‘Steam Refunds’ scandal


An Australian court has decided that Valve must pay an astounding $AU3 million ($2.15 million US) fine after the loss of its fight in court against the Australian Competition and the Consumer Commission earlier this year. The fine is the most extreme asked for by the administrative body, and as indicated by the Sydney Morning Herald was forced in view of Valve’s carelessness for Australian law when it set up shop in the nation.

Valve’s inconveniences started in mid-2014, when it was sued by the ACCC for not offering buyer’s insurance that are required by Australian law. Rod Simms, whois an ACCC administrator stated that the Australian Consumer Law allows buyersto demand a discount or a or substitution of their choice if an item turns out to be defective.

In this case, Valve, despite numerous outcry from consumers, had shown that it was not committed to give discounts to any reason, and have barred, limited or altered statutory assurances that guarantees the products is of adequate quality.

Valve’s discount approach has changed significantly since the suit was documented—it now offers discounts on pretty much everything, but that evidently didn’t inspire the judge working on this matter.

Valve is a United States organization with over 2.2 million Australian customers on record, Justice James Edelman wrote in his decision that the company had a culture by which it shaped the view of the public without any Australian legitimate guidance. The company operates without consideration of the Australian law. Regardless, Valve was required to follow Australian law but its managers may have been overlooked the country’s consumer law.

25 million circumstances between 2011 and 2014 was recorded by consumer investigators. likewise Valve is required to post a notice on its Australian website that will educate buyers of their consumer rights.