Walgreens to nationwide stock of Narcan the opioid overdose drug


In an announcement made on Tuesday, by Walgreens, the opioid overdose drug will begin to stock Narcan, the opioid overdose drug

As reported in walgreens.com, the drug is a nasal form of naloxone that is approved by the FDA. It is administered by the use of a nasal spray.

Demo devices were distributed by the company to educate the generalize populace about the product. The distribution was done by AmerisourceBergen. They are however instructing their patients to call the emergency number once the drug has been administered.

The announcement made will reduce the number of deaths caused by overdose. Over 90 cases of deaths related to heroin have been registered in Milwaukee County for more than four years.

Narcon to flood drugstores nationwide

The opioid overdose drug, Narcan has been taken by Walgreen into more than 7000 pharmacies all around the country.

An effort made by Walgreens to make the product available without people needing to provide identification was made last year. At present, the drug is offered by the company in over 40 states of the country without the demand for a form of identification and is looking forward to meeting with more states to make the drug available there.