Warfare, Disillusion And Artificial Truth: Public Disapproval


In an age of disillusion crowned by fourth and fifth generation warfare, regimes across the planet found means and tools to shape their domestic and global opinion according to their needs.

The reality portrayed to the public is infiltrated and injected with elements of artificial truth according to the corporate imperialistic agenda.

History speaks

What history has taught us is that each regime needs a scapegoat that would bear the consequences of the ruling elite’s mistakes and would divert the public opinion away from the real issues the country is facing.

History has recorded ,as recent as less than two decades ago, the Russians insinuating Chechen terrorist attacks in order to prompt of the public image of the recently appointed president Vladimir Putin and give him an opportunity to exert his power in a preemptive war against the Chechen Republic.

Noam Chomsky, the renown intellectual and movie director, is stressing the critical level the public disapproval has reached in contrast of the policies laid out by the president of the United States of America. According to him, a scenario of ” false flag attack” could be an option considered by the administration of Mr. Trump in order to rally public support in midst of the present instability that the country is facing.

Out of options

Mr. Trump is facing unrest in the eyes of the public on different levels as well shown in the current bipartisan investigation of the Congress in the involvement of the Kremlin in the presidential elections and their close relationship to many of the president’s appointees.

This matter is considered a threat to National Security and is the main catalyzer of the unrest witnessed on Capitol Hill.

Being faced with these severe allegations and failing to unite Congress on policy issues could leave the recently appointed head of state with no other options then staging an artificial security threat to consolidate the nation around his shoulders.