Whatsapp Makes Massive Change


WhatsApp is test running a new feature on their platform for verifying business accounts. These accounts will be indicated by a green checkmark icon showing they have undergone their verification processes and are confirmed business accounts.

How WhatsApp intends to carry out this verification or the metrics they intend to employ is still uncertain

At the moment, a small number of businesses are participating in this pilot program and the focus at this stage is purely large corporate customers. There are plans to accommodate other businesses, as well as time, goes on including allowing them to send marketing messages to users.

Now, chats exchanged between a user and verified accounts according to the test is undeletable and why the company has decided to make this feature is left to us to figure out. The plot twist of the entire system is that it also allows verified accounts to send scheduled automatic messages to their users. One might ask, how different is this from their conventional bcs. At least, users have the option of blocking businesses.

WhatsApp was acquired about 3 years ago by Facebook, the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum stated that the company is looking at different ways to monetize the application and make use of its large pool of users without any form of ads and this seems to be the first big step in that direction.

New Change In Privacy Policy

At the same time, they started a new change in their privacy policy which pushes users to link their WhatsApp accounts with their Facebook information. The major reason for this was to position WhatsApp to make use of targeted marketing, mining user’s shares likes and profile on Facebook to promote similar brands/businesses. This didn’t sit down so well with the regulators in Europe and it led to a $122m fine earlier this year after Facebook was found accused of providing misleading or incorrect information during their acquisition of WhatsApp.

On their official platform, WhatsApp stated that users will be able to easily identify a business by the yellow chat messages and users can alternatively stop a business from sending messages by blocking that business account