A Snake headed Shark with 300 Teeth Found Swimming Off Coast of Portugal


Our world may appear as though it’s in a chaos, but sea researchers are having amazing expeditions under water. In recent years, the sea has occasionally burped up ancient creatures for studying, photographing and frighting over. The most recent discovery? The scary and rare frilled shark.

Last week Thursday, scientists exploring Portuguese waters got a snake-bodied creature. The photographs have, naturally, become trendy on the Internet. Respected as the last of its kind, the shark, which is capable of growing up to 6 ft long, has been skimming for approximately 80 million years.

Notwithstanding its odd appearance, the frilled shark possesses some exciting features. Its jaw is loaded with about 300 teeth, arranged in twenty-five orderly rows. Its amazing dental cluster is useful for feeding on preys, which include smaller fishes and sharks, and octopus. Also, similar to a snake, the brutishly ugly shark can expand its “mouth” sufficiently wide to swallow its prey. However, it’s life, and hunting methods are still unknown. The creature dominates in the deepest depths of the sea, making association between human and frilled shark a rarity.

Frilled shark is not the rarest sea creature this year

Also, this beast is not the rarest ocean discovery so far in 2017. In June, researchers captured a scary creature called the faceless fish that was last seen in 1873, like; surprisingly, the little creature resurfaced in Sydney after more than a century absence. Other scientists also caught the biggest bony fish – it weighed two tons. They also found another species of seafloor-adoring sponges.

In the outcome of these notable findings, people are likely ,to have a lot of adoration for the unfathomable surprises of the sea, as they ought to. But it’s more exciting when scientists gradually unravel the mysteries in the lab. For example, researchers learned that the alleged “faceless face” actually has a face, covered just under its skin. What they’ll find out about the mysterious frilled shark, however, is impossible to say.