We all know those people that may know a ‘little too much’ about sports. They can tell how a certain wind will alter an entire football game. Or, they know that one of the star players was recently in some legal trouble and it is going to cost his team the game. Although not everyone will easily catch on to this, it isn’t difficult to determine, after a little research. So, leading up to the series, everyone had their prediction of who was going to win. Just like everyone else, a Florida man named Lenn Fraraccio had his own prediction.

There was one huge difference about Fraraccio’s decision. It was dead-on. All the way down to how the innings would extend in Game 7, due to a tied game. Predictions like this seem to be impossible. But, this is when it gets scary. Fraraccio made his prediction in 2014. Two years prior to this year’s amazing series. So if anyone knew of this tweet, prior to the final game, they had a good excuse for being scared. Primarily, because of what the entire tweet actually said.

“2016 World Series. Cubs vs Indians. And then the world will end with the score tied in game seven in extra innings. #apocalypse.”

If you were watching Game 7, there was a moment when it began to rain. The officials were forced to cover the field, until the rain subdued. This unusual event, during the World Series, would have you questioning whether this was the earth’s last day in existence. The entire setting was as if Fraraccio had scheduled the game. Due to his eerie accuracy, The Hollywood Reporter questioned Fraraccio about his prediction. This is what Fraraccio had to say, “That’s the goofy part where you just roll the dice and you put something on Twitter. I have the tendency to flap my gums about stupid predictions about other things. So, it’s just like me.”