Export growth of Japan indicates that economic recovery will continue in the fourth quarter


The growth of Japan’s export held steady in October, suggesting that sustained demand for cars and electronics that are made in Japan would most likely carry the recovery of its economy into the current quarter.

Data gotten from the Ministry of Finance showed that the exports from the country rose by over 10 percent in October, led by the sales and shipment of cars to Australia and liquid crystal equipment and materials sent to China for plastics.

That is comparable to a near 16 percent profit that is anticipated by economists following a 14.1 percent growth in September alone.

The figures of the trade were in line with the data that was presented last week that indicated the expansion of the economy of Japan at a yearly rate of over 1 percent backed by strong external demand.

It is expected by analysts that growth will be driven by exports more in October through December as it is indicated that China will seek to avoid a slowdown as result of developments done in infrastructure and as progress on cuts in tax increases the prospects of the United States.

The exports of Japan surges

“In view of the near term, demand for the new electronic parts used for smartphones of new-models are projected to boost the exports of Japan,” stated Masaki Kuwahara, who is the senior economist at Nomura Securities.

“After a while, increased demand for capital expenditures in advanced nations will boost the global economy of Japan and her exports as receding political insecurity will make pent-up demands to be released for upgrades of existing facilities used for production.”

Speaking in terms of volume, Japan’s exports surged to over 3.5 percent in October from last year, after gaining steadily every year 4.8 percent in September.