“Fluid, unpredictable, but Mugabe remains in power”: what will happen next in Zimbabwe?


Harare: It was an amazing week in Zimbabwe. A man, who once considered untouchable, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice president, was dismissed and expelled from the ruling party and escaped exile. What does this mean for ordinary Zimbabwe?

Is Mugabe’s Closure or More Opportunity?

When former Vice-President Joica Mujuru was expelled from Zanu-PF 3 years ago, it was considered that the main threat to Mugabe’s power was once and for all resolved. But the other two factions were ready and waiting to compete for the first place, headed by Mujuru, Emmerson Mnangagwa and others, aligned with the first lady Grace Mugabe, the G40 faction.

Can we see more factions leaving Zanu-PF? After all, Mugabe uses factions in his advantage, playing against each other. Vince Musewe, a Political commentator says that whatever happens in the ruling party, the target is always to have Mugabe in his position. “The situation is fluid and uncertain, but one thing: it ensures that Robert Mugabe remains in power.”

Will Mnangagwa try to gain power?

In a statement attributed to the expelled vice-president, Mnangagwa says he will be heading Zimbabwe again. Opposition politician and former Education Minister David Coltart believe these words are catastrophic, at least for the political opponents of the former vice-president. Writing on Twitter, Coltart said, “The essence of Mnangagwa’s statement is” we will soon control the power levers in our party and country…. It should send chamois down the back of the G40. “Musewe sees Mnangagvan’s vow to come back as an “illusion”. He asked, “He was in the lead for years, what will he offer us if he did not have it before?”

Third VP?

Ten provinces of Zimbabwe’s ruling party accepted Grace for the vice-president. This does not mean that he will immediately enter the position. Other names are considered potential candidates for Mnangagwa: include Defence Secretary Sydney Sekeramayi and Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo.