Following claims of sexual misconduct Silicon Valley firm severs links with one of their founders Steve Jurvetson


    A major Silicon Valley firm made public that it will be breaking the connections it has with Steve Jurvetson, one of their founding partners after it carried out an investigation as a result of allegations that were leveled against him concerning sexual misconduct.

    No mention was made by the firm which is known as DFJ concerning a behavior that is inappropriate when they made public the departure of Jurvetson.

    “Starting from today, whatever agreement that we had established with Steve Jurvetson is at this moment terminated, and by mutual understanding, he will be relieved of his services to the establishment. DFJ’s style and mode of operation will continue to be hinged on the value of giving great respect to our staff and clients. We are also much concerned about the success of the companies that are our portfolio companies, alongside our plans for growth that are in the future. We are poised to be relentless in our pursuit of operating every time with a standard that is high and very professional,” the firm stated. It refused to offer any more comments more than what has said already.

    Jurvetson to spend time considering personal matters

    The information that was first last month reported on the DFJ (which is an acronym for Draper Fisher Jurvetson) investigating the sexual conduct of Jurvetson since the start of summer. The information was confirmed by someone who was familiar with the happenings in the firm.

    Jurvetson, who at the time of this report is 50 years old, has been amongst the top investors in Silicon Valley and occupied at the time a seat in the boards of Tesla and Elon Musk, said on Twitter in a statement that he would be leaving DFJ “to consider private cases including actions against person who have destroyed his public image.”