Investigations Trails Yandex offices in Ukraine


Ukrainian national defence agency last week carried out a raid on a nearby branch belonging to prominent Russian website Yadenx, amidst a strike an agency spokesperson had described as a treachery search.

Early last month, Ukrainian authorities slapped bans on the tech coy as well as many of Russia’s online companies as well as blocking accessibility into their web sites, stating wariness of online assaults.

“Close by, agents for the Ukrainian state police occupy the company’s work places located within the nation’s two major cities,” Yadenx declared in the press release, confirming a willingness from their legal counsel to be cooperative at any point in the investigations.

The social media update released by the state security agency by its spokesperson Gitylyanski revealed that “investigation procedures” are on due to links about crime-related incidents that borders around treasonable offences, yet refused to divulge more information.

The news reporter around the company witnessed officers on mufti tagging yellowish notes on several office hardware- apparently confiscated during the raid.

Over four hundred and fifty of Russia’s companies had been marked down by Ukraine beginning from the time the nation’s northern part was annexed over two years ago, amidst the struggle and conflict that ensued.
The company in the past had expressed willingness to work according to the laws of Ukraine. The expectation remains that no actions would generate tangible negativity on its activities.

Prior to the effect of the ban, the company had staff strength of over three hundred and twenty within the country with a subscriber base of eleven million.