The absence of Leonard Fournette in the last game attracts contradictory explanations


Jacksonville, Fla. – Leonard Fournette says it’s okay to go. Doug Brown was not so sure.

In short, wrapped the Jacksonville Jaguars in a frenzy time at Los Angeles Chargers, the star was running the back mostly at the edge rather than in the field, and the two principles were contradictory versions as dropped.

“He was wounded,” Brown, Jaguar coach, said one USA Today Sport after 20-17 victory over extensions. “I think he wounded, but he is a heavy boy, I have no problem with him.”

Fournette, however, has a different perspective. He told SAD TODAY Sports that he was healthy enough to play in the fourth quarter when he touched five units and was replaced by T.J. Yeldon Fournette returned to the ground for overtime work, obviously healthy enough.

“It depends on the coaches,” Fournette told reporters. “I did it, that’s what it is.”

Jaguar’s work would obviously cause shock. It is unclear, though, whether Fournette, which lasts from 75 to 90 meters in the last two games would land, would set time for the bears more. In his first 28 days game (I was lost for ankle injury, goodbye, and a game forbidden by the team for violating the policy team) came in for a low 33 yard time. The average was only 1.9 meters per vehicle.


“No, not at all,” said former LSU leader, who completed the quarters altogether. “We expected to play 9 to 10 men in the pit, no matter how much I did, no matter how much W had.”

In Jaguars (6-3) they won their third game in a row on the heels of Tennessee Titans to stay ahead of tiebreakers at AFC South. They won without Fournette. And now he won without Fournette playing an important role.