Three Israelis die in settlement close to Jerusalem following attacks by Palestinians


An attacker from Palestine opened fire at the lane to a settlement just outside Jerusalem, shooting three Israelis and left the fourth with a severe injury. The Israeli police and medical services revealed this, stressing its one of the dangerous attacks in a two-year increase of violence.

Luba Samri, the police spokeswoman, stated the attacker was a Palestinian, aged 37 who came towards the back entrance of the Har Adar settlement, camouflaging among day laborers from Palestine whom security forces checked in.

Samri said the attacker looked suspicious and was ordered to stop, but he brought out a weapon and fired from a little distance. The attacker was shot dead by security officers at that instant.

According to The Magen David Adom, medical service reported that apart from three men who were shot dead, another person from Israel, 32, was rushed to the hospital in severe condition.

Har Adar settlement

Har Adar is a settlement west of Jerusalem, standing the seam line between Israel proper and the West Bank. It’s not often a target when it comes to the violence that has been trendy in the last two years.

The head of the community, Shay Retter said that about 100 to 150 Palestinians enter the settlement each day for jobs. Since September 2015, about 48 Israelis have been murdered by Palestinians, as well killed two visitors from America, a British tourist, and several other shooting attacks.

Israel has murdered more than 255 Palestinians during the same period. Israel says many of them who tried to attack died and others who engaged in battle with Israel forces. Israel blames the political and religious leaders who often advocate attacks and violence on social media sites. Palestinians say the attacks are rooted in the frustration and anger at years of Israeli rule in areas they take for a state.

Obviously, the frequency of the attacks has reduced, but the recent happening during the Jewish High Holiday may ignite the whole thing again.

Reuven Rivlin, Israel President, stated the attack displays the challenges their forces face in a critical mission, in a bid to guide Israelis.